HarvestGeek was created by Michael Alt of Syracuse, NY. Originally designed for mushroom cultivation, the idea was eventually scaled and modified to be used in gardens, greenhouses, and most importantly hydroponics. Our focus is creating a simple yet powerful system for greenhouse monitoring and automation.

The core ideal which we believe at HarvestGeek is that the economics of large-scale industrial agriculture is not a sustainable proposition thus the need for efficient, tested and reproducible methods of small-scale food production. We'd like to see communities producing the bulk of their own food. The benefits to this we believe are many.

By empowering the local food movement, communities will benefit from new employment opportunities, money spent on food will stay in the community, fossil fuel use due to food transportation will drop off sharply, impoverished areas access to (healthy) food will increase, and we will be seeding a new generation with an appreciation for food, their health, and their connection to the Earth.

Michael is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology and has worked in both the public and private sector as a Software Engineer and Analyst at companies such as Cisco Systems, Fidelity, Saab-Sensis, and most recently Bank of America.

HarvestGeek has been a year long journey in trial and error, frustration, and often failure, but he is happy to finally be able to share it with the world. When he isn't buried in code he enjoys reading philosophy, practicing yoga, and being outdoors.